A Busy Friday

It was a beautiful day with cooler temperatures and a nice breeze.  The photo directly above shows the heavy seeding that the female cottonwoods (Populus deltoides) have provided over the last couple of days.  With even a slight breeze, it is literally like “snow in summer.”  Our grounds staff of Cindy, Larry H., Alex, Shania and I all kept busy on a day that saw a whole lot of visitors out in the gardens.  It was very busy which is always nice to see.  The nice weather also brought in a great crop of gardening volunteers.  We saw Kathy P., Shirley H., Eva, Cheryl D., Jenny E., Vern, Sandi, Barb, Mirjam, Marcia L., Kristin, Stan, Tom K., Kay, Hal, Doris, Bill O., Dr. Gredler, Maury and many more!  It was a busy day.  We hope to have a great turnout at our third (of five) Volunteer Planting Work Days tomorrow morning.  We hope to plant the remainder of the entrance garden which is our largest space yet to plant.

‘Blue Moon’ Kentucky wisteria (Wisteria macrostachya) – woody vine (above and below)

‘E.A. Bowles’ variegated mockorange (Philadelphus coronarius) – woody shrub

‘Pumpkin Spice’ foamy bells (xHeucherella) – perennial

‘Shaker’s Prayer’ Siberian iris (Iris siberica) – perennial

variegated Corneliancherry dogwood (Cornus mas ‘Variegata’) – woody tree

one of our twenty-eight beautiful Garden Art Project frogs (come see them out in the gardens!)

ITOH intersectional peony (Paeonia) – perennial

false indigo (Baptisia australis) – perennial

getting ready for our Volunteer Planting Saturday tomorrow!

‘Ocean’s Fury’ hybrid painted fern (Athryium hybrida) – perennial

Apricot Drift® Rose (Rosa ‘Meimirrote’) – woody shrub