All I Can Smell Is Pine


I was offsite for a good portion of the day with this gang of trouble-makers above… We ran a convoy out to Sunset Acres Tree Farm ( in Stoughton, WI to cut and haul off 60 white pines (Pinus strobus) that were kindly donated by Dwight (above and third from the left) and his wife Debra.  This is the third year they have donated trees for use in our Holiday Lights Show (HLS).  Above (left to right) we have Dick P., Maury F., Dwight, Larry (top), Big John, Bobby K. (low), Terry N., Dick H. and Dave.  It was a workout but we successfully cut (see below), dragged, loaded, secured, hauled and unloaded these trees which started to go in to place immediately this afternoon with assistance from Big John!
While we were gone, Janice was in charge and helped organize another nice turnout of Thursday volunteers.  I might miss some names unfortunately but know that Kathy, Eva, Bonnie, Peg, Jim D., Ron Y., Pat M., Alan M., Gary B., Dr. Gredler and many others were around to help out today.  It was a bit drizzly and quite windy but it was another very productive day.  However, all I can smell is pine!  We all came back coated in pine sap which isn’t the worst smell in the world – instant air freshener.  A big Thank You! again to Dwight and Debra at Sunset Acres Tree Farm.  Keep them in mind for your holiday tree needs!


Big John above
we brought back two enormous pines (one above) for specific use



Dick H. (above) was an expert with the chainsaw and securing our tree loads!