APGA Day 4


Today was another busy one at the American Public Garden Association (APGA) Conference in Hamilton, Ontario.  There were plenty of sessions, meetings, networking opportunities and a trade show to enjoy.  There seem to be a lot of folks here and I’ve met some neat people and seen some old friends.  I was able to head over to the Royal Botanic Garden (another RBG!) which has four sites in nearby Burlington, Ontario (literally 10 minutes away).  I visited the main site, Laking Garden and the Rock Garden.  I’ll try to visit the Arboretum later in the week if I have time.  I was frustrated in that I lost about 1,200 photos this morning from my first two stops when my memory card for my digital camera went bad.  Frustrating but at least all my photos from previous days were backed up!  I did include a bunch of photos from their recently renovated (reopened in 2016) David Braley & Nancy Gordon Rock Garden.  I chatted with three of their staff and explored for over two hours.  It was one of the most photogenic and enjoyable gardens I’ve ever visited and very well maintained.  Back in town now and headed out tonight for a gathering of Chanticleer Scholars for dinner.  More excitement tomorrow.  I wont bog any blog readers down with too many plant photos but I sure took a lot today!

old photo of the Rock Garden (above)