APGA Day 5

Today was another busy one with a combination of educational sessions and then a great trip which is represented in all of these photos.  I gave my presentation this morning and it went well.  This was a panel presentation with five speakers including Tim (Chicago Botanic Garden), Mildred (Atlanta Botanical Garden), Jim (Longwood Gardens), Dan (Chanticleer) and me.  Andrew from Chicago Botanic Garden was the facilitator and despite some untimely AV problems we gave a great collective program to a good sized audience.  It was nice to share what we do at RBG to a group of public garden professionals.  I did ask the crowd how many had visited the garden and over 20 had which was awesome!  The discussion revolved around how we all approach our seasonal displays.  I then attended some additional sessions.  After lunch, all conference attendees headed over by bus to the Niagara Parks Botanical Garden & School of Horticulture which is on the Canadian side of the falls.  The gardens were spectacular and the school has a very prominent reputation.  I wished we had more time there though.  We then went to the falls and had some fun before returning to the hotel. I depart tomorrow morning with an overnight in Michigan (and more garden stops) then back home after a long week.

Hot Cocoa™ rose (Rosa ‘WEPaltlez’) – woody shrub

Graham Thomas® rose (Rosa ‘Ausmas’) – climbing rose

Brothers Grimm® rose (Rosa ‘KORassenet’) – woody shrub

Livin’ Easy™ rose (Rosa ‘HARwelcome’) – woody shrub

‘Highlight’ rose (Rosa) – woody shrub

Poseidon™ rose (Rosa ‘KORfriedhar’) – woody shrub

Julia Child™ rose (Rosa ‘WEKvossutono’) – woody shrub

Wisteria espalier

Wisteria espalier

big patch of ‘All Gold’ Hakone grass (Hakonechloa macra) – perennial

yes…I went out on this!

Niagara Falls from the Canadian side