Back In Action

Nice shot directly above of ‘Moudry’ perennial fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides) looking good near the arboretum this morning.  I was off on vacation all of last week so my return today involved a lot of catching up!  The gardens continue to look spectacular and recent rains have helped keep moisture consistent throughout the gardens.  We still are having consistent visitation and our summer color is still very strong throughout our 20 acres.  With the Fall Plant Sale and Holiday Light Show (HLS) looming, much of my “behind-the-scenes” preparations for these events is happening now while we also continue to garden.  Our grounds staff of Larry O., Larry H., Cindy, Big John, Janice and Trevor all had a wide range of duties which included fertlizing, watering, mowing, pruning, mulching, tidying and even starting to put up the first lights for the HLS!  Another busy and productive day with cool temperatures but decent sunshine as well.

‘Silver Dollar’ panicled hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata) – woody shrub

fruiting structures of Japanese spikenard (Aralia cordata) – perennial

bold tropicals in the gazebo garden

amethyst flower (Browallia americana ‘Starlight Blue’) – annual

‘Red Cauli’ stonecrop (Sedum telephium) – perennial

neat nasturtium (Tropaeolum sp.) in the Heirloom Garden

Monday saw another exceptional turnout of volunteers to assist with a wide range of projects.  Bob K. (above left) and Alan can be seen moving benches and tables for our looming Fall Plant Sale which opens next Thursday, September 7th for RBG Members (get a membership that day and shop with 10% off!) and for the public on Friday, September 8th through Sunday, September 10th.  We’ll again feature perennials, bulbs, mums, shrubs, compost and much more!  Kathy and Eva were out doing weeding and tidying.  Marv B. was working on his mossy areas.  Ron R., Lloyd and Derrick were out collecting leaves (yes, the cottonwoods are already dropping leaves!).  Dick P. and Maury were here for some tasks and errands and Dick H. ran to the dump and had some other projects.  Gary worked on creating new labels while Peg was in later to continue her label/plant record work.  Dennis and Garrett continued progress on our north path which is looking great.  Ron P. was in to work on lights for the upcoming Holiday Light Show (HLS).  Ron Y., Steve, Vern, Dave and Jim all had various carpentry projects to work on this morning.  Kristin, Stan, Greg and Cheryl were all in to tidy up in the Japanese garden.  Dr. Gredler and Rollie did their push mowing rounds.  We also saw Mark S., Bobby K. and many others today.

Eva (above)

Kathy P. (above)

Marv B. (above)

Maury (left) and Dick P.

Lloyd (above)

Ron R. (scowling)

can you tell that Larry O. (above) has been string trimming!?

‘Ivory’ African marigold (Tagetes erecta) – annual

‘Indian Summer’ gloriosa daisy (Rudbeckia hirta) – annual

Persian shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus) – annual

the “Gothic theme” out in the terrace garden (above) is well represented!

‘Pink Pepper’ ornamental onion (Allium hybrida) – perennial

a nice combination in our “Gothic theme” this year

the Hummingbird Haven theme in the Nancy Yahr Memorial Children’s Garden is still looking great!

‘Pink Frost’ variegated Japanese Joe-pye weed (Eupatorium fortunei) – perennial

‘Razzleberry’ stonecrop (Sedum hybrida) – perennial