Back in Action

The lack of photos in this blog doesn’t reflect the amount of activity out in the gardens today.  We had a very busy day for both grounds staff and volunteers.  It never really warmed up much but at least we didn’t get the snow they had out East.  They have sure had their share.  The entire grounds staff (Larry O., Larry H., Big John, Terry, Cindy, Janice and Bobby K.) were all on had today for various tasks.  Today was the “official” day back although everyone just mentioned was involved with bringing in elements of the Holiday Light Show (HLS) or other winter tasks.  There was no shortage of clean-up out in the gardens and work associated with some new electrical service (see above) for the new wellness garden.  We also had a bumper crop of volunteers including Kathy P., Alan, Derrick, Ron R., Steve E., Del, Maury, Dennis and we also saw Gary S. and Becky today as well.

Danford iris (Iris danfordiae)

winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis)

the potting soil has arrived!