Ball Seed Customer Day

A bit of a late post due to being busy with lots of other things but we had a fun trip to the annual Ball Customer Day held at The Gardens at Ball (West Chicago, IL).  Larry H., Alex, Shania, Ibhar and I enjoyed touring the display, taking tours and otherwise immersing ourselves in lots of color.  I took LOTS of photos and always use this trip as an opportunity to see new plants and touch base with folks I haven’t seen in a while.  We had a great experience and it was sunny and only 75 degrees F which made for a very pleasant day.  Enjoy just a small fraction of the color we experienced seen throughout this blog.

Ibhar above

Alex, Shania and Ibhar (from left to right) – our RBG Grounds rookies!

for years I had been driving by this big chair and “planted car” below at Shady Hill Gardens (Elburn, IL) and we stopped for some photos.  Above (left to right) are Larry H., Ibhar and myself.  Ibhar is below with this old Volkswagon!  Cool!