Busy as Bees Today

Today was super busy at the Horticulture Center with all sorts of activities occurring throughout the day.  Our lights extraction team of Larry H., Larry O., Peg, Alan and Marv B. all went out in the gardens to retrieve lights.  Pat M. continued to process lights as they came in and continued to utilize more spools brought in by Bob K.  Vern, Bob K., Jim and Dave continued work on carpentry projects (see below) and Dr. Gredler started re-staining some of our garbage bins for a fresh look.  Above (left to right) are Janice, Pat R. and Pat C. working on a project in the break room this morning.  We also had Kay and Bev in the office working on indoor tasks and Cindy was in later for another project.  Deb G. stopped by for a meeting with Bev and me and we also saw Bill O., Gary S., Rollie and many others today.  The photos below have captions and I had to include some photos at the bottom to add color and promote year #2 for our Thomas Jefferson Collection.  This garden was a huge hit last year and was the “brain child” of Janice.  Speaking of Thomas Jefferson, Peter Hatch, retired Director of Gardens and Grounds at Monticello, will be participating in our March 21st Spring Symposium entitled Garden Inspirations: The Spice of Life.  We’ll also have Kyle Cherek of the Wisconsin Foodie and yours truly.  We are now accepting registrations so check out this neat event on our website at rotarygardens.wpengine.com.  At the bottom are some neat shots of this collection in 2014 which will be equally awesome this year.

 Bob K. (left) and Vern
 Dave (left) and Jim
 Pat M. above with his spools
 LED lights awaiting processing
 Dr. Gredler above
Kay (left) and Bev (eyes closed..again)