CAST – Day 2

Today was rainy all day but it was no problem as the trials are all indoors right now.  With temperatures in April in the 60 degrees F during the day, creating these displays inside with greenhouse-forced plants makes sense (Floricultura above).  Regardless, I saw plenty of plants at three primary sites which ultimately featured over seven different nurseries.  I took many more photos and met some very neat folks.  “Green industry” people are very genuine and friendly and all of my experiences thus far confirm that theory.  I’m gallivanting to many other sites over the next two days and will continue to look for more exciting plants to satiate my obsession.


 Petunia Crazytunia ‘Moonstruck’
Pixie grapes (very compact)




 look how the containers are hung above
 trailing Egyptian starcluster (Pentas lanceolata ‘Falling Star Pink Bicolor’)



 Danziger product above and below (displayed at Headstart Nursery)





I stopped by the John Steinbeck Center (museum) later this afternoon which was pretty cool