CAST – Day 5

Technically Day 5 of my involvement with the California Spring Trials (CAST) was yesterday with visits to two sites.  I’m back home now after a brutal series of airport/plane mishaps but wont soon forget the adventures I shared with Diane, Gail, Mark, Steve and Jeff.  I’m still a bit goofy with the time change and some jet lag so will let the photos speak for themselves.  I ended up with over 4,000 photos that I’ll sort at some point in the future.  Our last day (really just a half day with a quick trip to the San Jose Airport for our departures) involved seeing some great plants and despite the chance of rain during most of the entire trip, we ended up with sprinkles only on the trip to the airport.  I met some nice folks, saw old friends and made new ones on our trip.  Thanks to Diane of AAS/NGB for inviting me along!  Nice shot above of Funky® Light Pink begonia (Begonia x hybrida).

four of the eight colors in the Tagetes Super Hero™ Series (Benary)

Argyranthemum Aramis® Semi Double Lemon (above)

Bidens Taka Tuka® ‘Red Yellow Center’ (above)

Verbena ‘Samira Deep Red Star’ (above)

Verbena ‘Samira Burgundy Wing’ (above)

Verbena ‘Samira Up Magenta Splash’ (above)

Thunbergia alata Sunny™ Suzy Amber Stripes (above)

loved this planted table and bowls!

neat planted bird bath

xHeucherella ‘Peach Tea’ (above)

Artemisia MAKANA™ Silver (above)

Penstemon DAKOTA™ Burgundy (above)

Ajuga ‘Blueberry Muffin’ (above)

Begonia SILVER™ Lace (above)

Heuchera FOREVER™ Red (above)

Senecio Angel Wings® (‘Senaw’) – above

fun displays (above and below)

Sedum Oriental Dancer® (above)

Heuchera ‘Topaz Jazz’ (above)

Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’ (not new but always cool!) – above

Euphorbia Miner’s Merlot™ (spurge) – above

Echinacea ‘Delicious Candy’ (above)