Comfortably Cool & Sunny

Nice shot directly above of golden fragrant mint bush (Leucosceptrum japonicum ‘Gold Angel’) blooming today with lots of pollinators visiting!  It was a beautiful day with a cool start which we all enjoyed after the recent heat wave.  With a high of 70 degrees F today, it was perfect working weather and we took advantage of it to be sure.  It was nice to see so many visitors enjoying the cooler weather as well.  Our grounds staff consisted of Larry H., Larry O. and Bobby K.  Both Larrys had plenty of watering and Larry H. continued Holiday Light Show (HLS) set-up efforts.  Larry O. was a sprinkler master as we have some irrigation that isn’t currently working so are setting up lots of sprinklers which is an art form.  Our last good rain was over four weeks ago now.  Bobby K. had various projects and also helped with some watering duties.

‘Pearl Frost’ Japanese orixa (Orixa japonica) – woody shrub

‘Honorine Jobert’ Japanese anemone (Anemone hybrida) – perennial

blackberry lily (Belamcanda chinensis) – perennial

‘Little Henry’ sweet coneflower (Rudbeckia subtomentosa) – perennial

‘Tangerine Gem’ signet marigold (Tagetes tenuifolia) – annual

Mesa™ ‘Red’ blanket flower (Gaillardia x grandiflora) – perennial

With the return of cooler weather, we had a strong turnout of volunteers today!  The last seven days of 90 degree F weather has been challenging to say the least. Marleen (above) was in to tidy her area today and always does a superb job.  Dennis continued his efforts on the north path project which is coming along quite nicely.  Alan M. was in to collect leaves for most of the morning and both Kathy and Eva did much of the same.  Greg P., Cheryl P., Kristin and Stan all tidied up in the Japanese garden.  Gena, Myrt, Nancy and Patti were all in to help collect leaves from the woodland glen garden.  The Chestnut House volunteers were on hand and very productive at the Horticulture Center. Peg was in to work on labels and she and I tackled two areas in need of revised and updated labeling (woodland walk and sunken garden).  Dr. Gredler was in for some mowing as well.  We also saw Maury, Gary, Marsha M., Karen B. and many others.

Alan M. (black belt in raking)

Kathy (left) and Eva

nice view from the North point patio (another perspective of that same space directly below)

‘Lime Green’ flowering tobacco (Nicotiana alata) – annual

early fall color on ‘Aconitifolium’ fullmoon maple (Acer japonicum) – woody tree

cardoon (Cynara cardunculus) – annual

balloon plant (Gomphocarpus physocarpus ‘Oscar’) – annual

‘Jasmine’ flowering tobacco (Nicotiana alata) – annual (uber fragrant at dusk)

the Giant Aquarium is still looking great and sharing the story Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae

nice foliage combination with popcorn cassia (Cassia didymobotrya) in the foreground (not hardy)