Consider Celosias

Today was fairly mild for December with a high temperature of 43 degrees F or so.  We had a great turnout of Grumpies this morning.  Alan headed out for some gardening and the rest of the guys had a wide range of indoor activities that included vehicle repair, lights testing, painting, carpentry, etc.  We saw Alan, Lloyd, Dr. Gredler, Dick H., Dick P., Ron P., Vern, Dave T., Jim, Rollie, Marv, Terry, Gary, Maury, El and a couple others.  Big John and Larry H. had some outdoor activities with most revolving around the finishing touches on the Holiday Light Show (HLS) which opens to the public this Friday.  I am transitioning to all of my winter ordering and desk work.  I started the day pretty early and turned on the HLS for NBC 15 (Madison) to come and take some footage of this event for promotion during their news casts.
On this overcast day, I thought some color would be nice and while I think I have recently promoted celosias, I’m going to do so again.  Many of these varieties are new and they all offer not only color but texture (see above).  We typically will display 10 or so varieties each year of this durable annual but I may have to increase our selections based on all the neat varieties I observed and photographed at trial gardens this past summer.
 ‘Kelos Atomic Salmon’
 ‘Intenz Lipstick’
 ‘Intenz Dark Purple Improved’
 ‘Kelos Purple’
 ‘Kelos Fire Yellow’
 ‘Kelos Fire Scarlet Improved’
 ‘Kelos Fire Purple’
 ‘Kelos Fire Pink’
 ‘Kelos Fire Orange’
‘Kelos Fire Lime’
 ‘Kelos Magenta’
 ‘Intenz Classic’