Delightful Dahlias

Aside from my consistent alliteration with blog titles, the primary goal of this posting is to offer some color on cold winter day.  After dealing with plenty of snow (although it was beautiful outside!), I wanted to share some past photos of dahlias that I’ve taken over the years.  Nice shot of ‘Melody Gipsy’ directly above and ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ at the top.  This is such a small smattering of photos that I have filed away that I’m hoping it at least offers some “colorful encouragement” in regards to looking forward to spring and ultimately the warmer months when dahlias will thrive.  We grow many dahlias at the gardens and I’ve seen so many great ones during my travels that I feel they are indispensable out in the garden.  I’ve also attended Dahlia Society events at the Chicago Botanic Garden and Olbrich Botanical Gardens (Madison, WI) to only confirm that I am still a beginner in regards to the full appreciation of this wonderful genus.  I couldn’t find my photos from various dahlia shows which featured some amazing varieties.  Regardless, “wet your whistle” on some of these fun selections.  We avoid the taller dahlias as we often lack time to keep them properly staked but our focus on shorter stature varieties and those with near black foliage has been well -received by our visitors.  The American Dahlia Society lists 29 categories of form for dahlias and I wont even pretend to know the differences.  I also wont go in to the botany, planting, care or winter storage of these treasures as that is easy enough to glean with a little bit of research.  Consider joining a local Dahlia Society!  Plus, I need to go home and shovel more white stuff.  Enjoy!

‘Trooper Dan’ (above)

‘Clearview Edie’ (above)

‘Oakwood Bridesmaid’ (above)

‘Clearview Sundance’ (above)

‘Tahoma Lady Oh’ (above)

‘Clearview Daniel’ (above)

Dahlinova Hypnotica® Lavender (above)

Dalina® ‘Grande Tampico’ (above)

Dahlinova® ‘Georgia’ (above)

Dahlinova® ‘New York’

Gallery® ‘Cobra’ (above)

‘Starsister Red and White’ (above)

‘Urchin’ (above)

‘XXL Hidalgo’ (above)

‘XXL Taxco’ (above)

‘Fringed Star’ (above)

Mystic Haze (‘Dark Side of the Sun’) – above

‘Bishop of Llandaff’ (above and in foreground below at RBG)

Mystic Dreamer (‘Zone Ten’) – above

Mystic Illusion (‘Knockout’) – above

Dalaya™ Red + White (‘KLEDH15076’) – above and below

Dreamy® ‘Blush White’ (above)

Gallery® ‘Art Deco’ (above)

Gallery® ‘Pablo’ (above)

‘Grandalia Orange’ (above)

‘Grandalia Rose Swirl’ (above)

Hypnotica® ‘Bellini’ (above)

Dahlinova Hypnotica® ‘Bronze Bicolor’ (above)

Dahlinova Hypnotica® ‘Cherish Pink’ (above)

Dahlinova Hypnotica® ‘Sangria’ (above)

‘Imagine XL Peach’ (above)

Mystic Memories (‘Antique’) – above

‘XXL Chiapas’ (above)

‘XXL Sunset’ (above)