Dixter Diary – Day 11

Today was absolutely beautiful with sunshine all day and temperatures around 68 degrees F.  It was perfect working weather and I didn’t even don the rain suit despite the heavy dew which is always significant!  I started my morning tour in the Exotic Garden and just love this Tetrapanax papyrifer (seen above), particularly from underneath the giant leaves.  This garden space is similar to our “Jungle Garden” at Rotary Botanical Gardens and they’ll also have to winterize and/or store many of these tender plants over their winter (milder than ours by a longshot!).  It was a heavy visitation day at the gardens with two coaches (full length buses) visiting along with myriad other folks who also enjoy the nursery, cafe and gift shop.  I’ve been getting coffee at the cafe which is quite good and they sure take their tea seriously over here!  Directly below are more photos of the Exotic Garden this morning.




Sunken Garden (above) might be my favorite!
Kniphofia rooperi glowing this morning
Aaron and Thomas have been working in the Vegetable Garden and it’s nice they offer some surplus for sale as well (chemical free)! – see below
 cool hawthorn (Crataegus ellwangeriana) with morning sun
 a common break area above where I’ve met many of the Great Dixter staff and volunteers

Today I worked with Lewis (above) who is the Assistant Head Gardener (second in charge after Fergus) and we had a great chat.  Very nice fellow and we made quick work of a large portion of the meadow with the help of Michael (Germany) and Angela (Australia).  Directly below is a shot from the back of the trailer as Michael drove to another meadow for the “strewing” of our collected debris to redistribute seed.  I later helped pot up perennials and overall it was an excellent day followed by a solitary stroll through the gardens in the early evening which is also quite nice.


 Michael, Angela and Lewis (left to right)
 strewing “good meadow” debris for seed to drop on this new meadow
 Michael and Angela “potting on” Lychnis coronaria ‘Alba’
 even the ancient walls are colorful and planted!
 beautiful crabapple (Malus sp.)
 ‘Ala Mode’ dahlia (Dahlia)…I’m getting more dahlias next year!
 beautiful patch of ‘Monch’ aster (Aster x frikartii) I believe
 lots of fruit trees on site including pears (Pyrus)
 classic combination of monkshood (Aconitum henryi ‘Spark’s Variety’) and black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia sp.)
I’ve photographed the Long Border a couple dozen times already!