Dixter Diary – Day 12

I continue to enjoy my morning strolls out in the gardens as it is quite rewarding for not only photography but appreciating the sounds of wildlife.  I’ve observed that weekends can get quite busy around the gardens so after my morning tour, I decided to head out for a stroll on one of the local foot paths which were recommended to me.  One goes right along the edge of Great Dixter and ultimately will reach nearby Bodiam Castle (see further below).  My new roommate, Thomas (Australian), and I headed out and I’m glad Thomas was with me (he knew the route) as the footpath route to me was not always evident and I did have some difficulty getting back (Thomas and I split up after lunch and I proceeded to the castle). Regardless, I made it back just fine although not by the same route I originally took!


white cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Psyche White’)
Eryngium pandanifolium ‘Physic Purple’ (not hardy for us in WI)
old mulberry (Morus nigra) tree with some “crutches” for support
the Oast House above
rose (Rosa glauca) hips offer interest in many locations
variegated Pelargonium
tomatoes trained up to the gutters at the Education Building
old rusty saw blade now decorating a barn
just noticed this neat little boardwalk and pond
the Exotic Garden continues to look great (above and below)


Autumn crocus everywhere
apples (Malus) are ripening at Great Dixter
neat succulents above and below


Viburnum opulus with strong fruiting
perennial geraniums (‘Rozanne’) abound!
I think this is some sort of mountain ash or white beam (Sorbus sp.)
the Long Border above (this morning)
Bodiam Castle was pretty cool (above and below)


So the walk over the East Sussex countryside was enjoyable but I found that the footpaths between these markers (below) were not always evident to me and I think I started following a sheep track and ended up not quite on the same route back to Great Dixter.  I did enjoy the scenery including a massive orchard (see below).


 self-closing gate to keep animals from wandering off