Dixter Diary – Day 23

I gambled and didn’t put on my rain suit today and we only had the lightest of drizzle on occasion.  My rain suit has not held up well for various reasons but the day ended up being very enjoyable with my morning and evening walks through the gardens “sandwiching” a whole lot of work too!  I love this image above as the grasses really are contributing strongly in early October here!  I continue to capture so many neat things here at Great Dixter and have been glad to have my little camera with me the entire time.
Colchicum groupings in the front lawn
the Sunk Garden above
the colorful seeds of a Paris polyphylla caught my eye today and Rachel later collected these
beets (Beta vulgaris) – a true “ornamental edible”!
the fall coloration on this oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) has intensified over the last couple of weeks…
love all the compositions here and will be seeking out these red marigolds (Tagetes sp.) seen below for next year!


there are so many neat transitions between gardens – who wouldn’t want to walk through there!?
ran in to this salamander (above) and toad (below) today


morning tidying is now including more leaf collecting!
As we (Lewis, Hayden, Mike, Sam and I) were stacking hay on to this huge pile (seen above), Sam slipped down off the pile and became wedged behind the tractor and buried with hay.  Before giving a serious effort in helping extricate him, I had to snap this photo below!  He’s a good sport and has returned to Great Dixter as a student for a year.


we continue to collect meadow cuttings (from Rich and Graham) as seen above
Matoko (Japan) is another student (seen above) and below it looks like she’s leading the sheep!


Thies has been a hard worker (despite sitting down here and watching us work..) and will be here another month or so
my afternoon photography continues to focus on the Kniphofia sp. above and the Sunk Garden below (seen through the Barn Garden)!


I believe these are ‘Chippendale’ zinnias (Zinnia haageana) above
I’ve watched this Acer japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’ get even more intense fall color daily!
the dahlia bouquet above was given to me by Siew Lee as a nice “goodbye arrangement”!