Drizzle Doesn’t Daunt Customers



The predicted rain last night decided to arrive this morning at the start of our Fall Plant Sale.  The rain didn’t “put a damper” (get it?) on our attendance as we had a well attended and steady day of customer traffic.  Larry O. and Bill O. arrived early to check on the gardens prior to our two weddings and we had excellent volunteer help again at the sale.  Janice has done a superb job keeping everyone organized and productive.  Volunteers today included El, Joy, Pat, Joanne, Dave D., Margaret, Mary Kay, Nancy, Amy H., Larry H., Maureen, Cindy B., Tina, Stan, Russ, Roy, Mary, Pete, Jessie, Joe, Dennis, Heather, Stephanie, Bev, Jack, Janet, Wes, Sue C., Jane, Barb, Dave E., Bob D. and our two RECAPPER ladies.  Staff help included Polly, Maryam, Hayley, Gary and Janice. We also saw Maury, Vern and many others today.  Above and below are some highlights of the sale….


Larry H., Joe V., Pete R. and Dennis J. (left to right) – they should have been focused on customer service but instead were chumming around and complimenting each other on their vests


umbrellas were a necessity for over an hour this morning!

img_4351 img_4352 img_4353

customers of all ages are welcome!


Maureen (left) and Mary W.


ornamental kale (Brassica) are ONLY $5 each!


lots of grasses are still available


Tina B. (left) and Cindy


Sue C. (left) and Janice


Wes (“Cart Boy”)


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