First of Ten A Success!

The weather held nicely today and we had a very successful volunteer planting Saturday at the gardens. With the threat of possible rain over the last 24 hours and some dampness on Friday, we were worried that we might have to cancel our scheduled workday but the forecast looked good this morning and the garden wasn’t too muddy. Today was the first of many workdays for planting this year. We have five sequential Saturdays (this being the first of five) as well as a Saturday in October. We also have four Wednesday evening planting scenarios (starting next Wednesday from 6 pm – 8 pm). That’s how I come up with ten! We had 30 volunteers helping today along with staff assistance from Big John and Laura. Of these 30 helpful sets of hands, I had 20 volunteers planting in the Wellness Garden (see below) and we also had the duos of Janice & Mike and Kath & Marleen planting in other areas. Ken and Chris ran the bagged compost sale while Dr. Gredler was out aerating lawns. Bill, Dave and Larry O. were also in to help with myriad projects including equipment repair. The Janesville Area Herb Society also had their monthly meeting and did some work out in the gardens. It was a busy morning followed by some timely rain! Below are some of our great volunteers!