Gaining Blogging Steam…

My blogging hiatus over the last couple of months is ending as I get more time to take photos and share various RBG-related items!  I’ll admit that after 10 years of blogging, I needed a short break but I’m back baby.  With the Holiday Light Show (HLS) being such a success with 47,000 attendees, we’re still recovering from that event and are continuing to bring in the lights, cords, etc. from the show to be processed and stored.  The entire grounds crew is back in action to help with this sizable task.  Above are the frogs (built by our Grumpies!) that will be featured as part of our 2018 Garden Art Project.  Call the gardens for more information on this event and there are still some frogs left (they go fast though!).  We had a booth (see below) at the Wisconsin Public Television Garden Expo this past weekend which saw about 16,000 attendees which is a decent number considering the snowy weather throughout the weekend.  Staff involvement included Sallye, Becky and myself and our volunteers (Becky N., John N., Big John, Jackie R., Larry H., Amy H., Dennis J., Gena S., Steve E., Sue E., Laura B., Flannery L., Dylan S. and Garrett S.) all did a great job helping staff the booth.  I also did five presentations that seemed pretty well received.  Some additional Expo shots can be seen below….I actually hardly left the booth (when not doing presentations) which was quite active with questions and our dispersal of information.  This was the 20th year we had a booth at the Expo and it’s nice to see such interest in attendees coming to visit the gardens for the first time (or again!)!  The gardens look lovely with all the snow and we really needed it!

‘Ivory Prince’ hellebore (Helleborus sp.) looking good (forced early)

the green flamingos (below) were in the Allen Centennial Garden (UW-Madison) booth

forced crocuses above

neat planters at the Flower Factory booth (above and below)

neat, recent winter shot in the Japanese garden from Marsha Mood (same as the header photo)

mound ‘o cords a couple weeks ago…