Gonzo for Gerberas

When I was out at the California Spring Trials (CAST) last week, I saw an amazing assortment of Gerbera daisies (Gerbera sp.) that were absolutely stunning.  The Gerbera daisy, also called Transvaal and Barberton daisy, was discovered in 1884 near Barberton, South Africa, by Scotsman Robert Jameson. The distribution of the genus Gerbera is native to tropical regions of South America, Africa and Asia.  While the flower’s scientific name, Gerbera jamesonii being the most commonly cultivated, recollects the name of its founder, the meaning of its common name draws from German naturalist Traugott Gerber. Breeding programs that began in England in 1890 enhanced the flower’s quality and color variations.  Now there are also hybrids and thousands of cultivars.  The Gerbera daisy is the fifth most used cut flower in the world and out in the garden or container, will attract bees and butterflies. Preferring moist but well drained soils in full sun, this plant will thrive in containers but may languish in overly damp soils and is not a fan of the most intense summer heat.  Provide some late afternoon shade in hot climates and do a bit of research on how to best care for your daisies.  While I’ve growth Gerbera daisies in the past, I don’t think I’ve given them the attention they deserve but after seeing the selections featured here, my attention has been captured!  Directly above is the selection ‘Majorette Bright White with Dark Eye’.  At the very top of the blog is the selection Patio Gerbera Painted Desert®.  Enjoy the show.

‘Majorette Red Dark Eye’ (above)

‘Majorette Yellow Dark Eye’ (above and below)

‘Majorette Sunset Orange’ (above)

‘Majorette Pink Halo’ (above)

‘Majorette Blazing Eyes’ (above)

Bengal™ Rose with Eye (above)

Bengal™ White with Eye (above)

Cartwheel® Strawberry Twist

Cartwheel® Chardonnay (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Memories (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Sunset (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Fiesta (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Love (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Smile (above)

Garvinea® Classic Femmy (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Frosting (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Spice (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Caroline (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Surprise (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Sixteen (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Honey (above)

Garvinea® Sweet Glow (above)

Patio Gerbera Pinnacles® (above)

Patio Gerbera Karoo® (above)

Patio Gerbera Capitol Reef® (above)

Patio Gerbera Bighorn® (above)

Patio Gerbera Fundy® (above)

Patio Gerbera Serengeti® (above)

Patio Gerbera Great Smoky Mountains® (above)

Patio Gerbera Kruger® (above)

Patio Gerbera Glacier® (above)

Patio Gerbera Sedona® (above)

Patio Gerbera Orange County® (above)

Patio Gerbera Volcanoes® (above)

Patio Gerbera Painted Desert® (above)