HGT 2018

Our annual Home Garden Tour was a huge success this past Saturday on a day that we were very worried about rain!  The day was breezy, cool and aside from some occasional light mist, the day was dry and perfect for close to 350 attendees to enjoy this event. Hopefully participants enjoyed seeing beautiful home landscapes (seven!) and brought home some ideas for plants and combinations.  Rotary Botanical Gardens was the eight destination for many and the gardens were looking pretty close to peak.

Special thanks to all of the garden owners [Mills, DeVito, Van Galder, St. John Vianney (Judy and crew), Schurman and Erdman] as well as our Home Garden Tour Committee (Barb Tapovatz, Sue Skinner, Dave Graham, Cora Ortiz, Janet Miller, Jean Sedor, Marcia Neleson, Marsha Mood and Debbie Braeu) and the many volunteers and musicians that help make this day a success.  Our major event sponsors (Best Events, Bower City Garden Club, Creative Gardening, DWG Landscaping, K&W Greenery, LP Tree Service and Simmons Fencing) and ad sponsors (Evergreen Irrigation, Petranek Bros. Landscaping, Barb Tapovatz, Alan and Marsha Mood, Mike’s Tree Moving, Dvorak Landscape Supply and Mid-State Equipment) were also vital in supporting this event and we were so pleased to host another successful event and fundraiser for RBG.  Directly above is a photo from the Schurman residence and the rest of the photos below are referenced.  These are just a few of the many that I took throughout the day.

Schurman residence above and below

awesomely huge patches of bee balm (Monarda) at this garden

Erdman residence (above and four below)

above is one of our many musicians (volunteer) that added a nice touch to the event!

Cathy E. (above) is showing off her pond and pointing out the fish

St. John Vianney – Mary’s Garden (above and four below)

RBG volunteers Mary Kay and Ken C.

Judy L.

massive cup plant (Silphium perfoliatum) – perennial

Van Galder residence (above and seven below)

RBG Volunteer, Joe V., doubled as a life guard too!

above are Russ (left) and Stan at the DeVito residence (five photos below too)

above (and far left) are Jack and Grace DeVito

neat Helen’s flower (Helenium autumnale) that caught my eye

RBG Volunteers – Lynn (left) and Joanne at the Mills residence (five photos below)

nice lungwort (Pulmonaria sp.) – perennial

RBG Volunteers – Bev and Bob

massive rex begonia (Begonia rex-cultorum) at the Mills residence

Phillips residence (above and seven below)

cool fairy garden (above)

Lee and Pat Phillips (above)