HLS Takedown

The take down and processing of the Holiday Light Show (HLS) is in full motion starting this week.  We had a couple of full show rentals after the New Year which is some nice additional revenue.  With the exception of turning on the lights around the building for some events later in the month, we’re focused on retrieving lights and cords throughout the rest of the gardens before significant snow arrives (looks heavy next week!).  This will likely be a 2-3 months process.  Larry H., Big John, Terry, Bobby K. and Cindy have all been involved with HLS related tasks and we’ve had some volunteer help as well from Kathy P. and Ron R.  The pace of these activities is related to the weather but we’re trying to accumulate as much indoor work (cords/lights) as we can for those “sour” days!  Lots of painting and additional carpentry work is occurring as well.  The bottom photo shows some elements that will be part of the yet-to-be-announced, 2019 Garden Art Project!

Larry H. (above) with his spools