Horticulture Therapy Symposium

Our 4th Annual Horticultural Therapy Symposium went very well today and the weather was beautiful.  The 70 or so participants enjoyed a day of lectures, tours, hands on activities and demonstrations.  Thanks to our committee of Darcie, Janice, Cindy, Sue, Dr. Tom, Elaine, Sheri, Karen and Art for putting together a great program. Thanks also to RBG staff of Marcia L., Laura B., Mark S. and additional support staff of Carrie, Kate, Emily, Sallye and others for helping out.  Our presenters of Barb K., Carla, Keri, Robbi, Dr. Tom, Darcie, Janice, Liz, Ann, Marilynn, Cindy and Art all did wonderful jobs.  It was great to chat with participants, many of whom were new to the program and were also visiting the gardens for the first time.  The day went very smoothly and thanks to Larry H., Alex, Ibhar, Kathy, Eva, Stan, Kristin, Dr. Gredler, Nancy, Mary, Myrt, Patti and others for holding down the fort outside and keeping the gardens looking great on a very busy day.

Keri F. (left) and Carla R. from Rosecrance – great presentation!

Dr. Darcie Olson (left) and Barb Kreski (Chicago Botanic Garden) – both did awesome presentations

Members of the Southeast Master Gardener Association Lifelong Gardening Committee (Ann, Liz, Marilynn and Cindy from left to right) with all of their tools (seen above)!  They gave two excellent (and well received!) presentations today

Cart tour with Art (above) – Art gave five cart tours today!

Dr. Tom McCoy’s presentation was well received as always (above)

Dr. Darcie O. (above and below) did a great hand on activity out on the terrace

Janice (above in pink) did a great job sharing raised bed gardening and elevated container tips along with help from RBG volunteers Jordan, Victoria, Donna, Dawn and Sue

Victoria (above)

Donna and Sue (in pink)

Robert and Robbi Hursthouse (Robbi did a great presentation!)

the Wellness Garden (above and below) is heading in to peak color too!