Hummingbird Haven A Success!


We have a lot of photographic evidence this year that our Hummingbird Haven theme in the Nancy Yahr Memorial Children’s Garden was successful.  All of these beautiful photos were shared with me by Marsha Mood who is an excellent photographer and valuable RBG volunteer!  We appreciate all the photos she takes at the gardens of flowers, wildlife, visitors and special events.  I also have received some excellent hummingbird photos from Ken Tapp and Santos McGill which I’ll share in the future as well.  To capture hummingbirds in flight takes patience, skill and a decent camera; all of which Marsha has covered!  The volume of hummingbirds in that garden over the past month has been amazing and visitors have enjoyed seeing these wonderful creatures.  However, more importantly, our visitors appreciate the beauty of the space which has been maintained for the past five months by Cindy Boehning of the RBG grounds staff.  Her hard work is very evident and we’re excited to have this theme again next year.  Do expect a different look though that will be even more colorful and attractive (for visitors and hummingbirds alike!).  Enjoy Marsha’s photos (this is only a small fraction of what she shared!).

Today was overcast, cool and had some drizzle this morning.  That didn’t stop our staff of Janice, John, Larry O. and Larry H. from getting out in the gardens for a wide range of tasks.  Holiday Light Show (HLS) preparations continue to be a priority and today was no exception.  Our volunteers today included Eva (removing annuals), Dick H. (helping Big John with HLS tasks), Sutton (leaf/debris collection), Bill O. (odds and ends) and the Chestnut House Volunteers who worked on various tasks with Janice.  I was fairly sedentary today with plenty of desk work to sift through including preparing for some 2017 plant orders which are due very shortly.

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