Members Only Pre-Sale


I’ve dozed off a dozen times trying to finish this blog as it was a LONG (but fun) day!  In a nutshell, our Members Only Pre-Sale evening at the Spring Plant Sale went wonderfully!  We had a solid turnout with plenty of of conversation and purchases.  Our volunteers did a great job and the entire staff was involved in some way with this event.  We now head in to three sequential days of the sale (Friday through Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm) and the weather looks great.  Our day in the gardens included the grounds staff of Larry H., Larry O., Cindy and myself.  Our volunteers at the gardens today included Dennis, Dr. Gredler, Kathy, Eva, Alan, Bob, Ron P., Jim, Marv, Bob C., Dave T., Dick H., Mirjam, Marcia and many others.  Our plant sale volunteers included Joy, Gary, Joanne, Gena, Art, Dennis, Alan, Lloyd, Tina, Dave, Barb and Art.

Barb and Dave

Kathy and Mary

Lynn Yahr, Dr. Yahr and myself

this young lady wins “Cutest Customer” of the day

Maryan and Chris ran the membership “hospitality” suite today

plenty of shrubs (above) and pansies (below)