Mission Accomplished

The day had a frosty start but that didn’t stop us from a successful Volunteer Work Day this morning.  Above are some sweet potato vines (Ipomoea batatas) and below are New Guinea impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri) – both of which didn’t appreciate the 30 degrees F we had over the evening.  We’ll have frost again tonight which will likely finish those that “dodged the bullet” this morning.  Regardless, we had a solid work day, decent traffic at our Bagged Compost Sale and had to work around a huge cross country meet near the Horticulture Center.  A big thanks to Polly today as she set up the sale, brought us donuts for the volunteers and helped plant too!  She was a big help.

Above is Gary who was our first volunteer to arrive this morning.  I was a bit worried when it was just Gary and me at 8:05 am this morning.  While we didn’t have the turnout we had hoped for, we did have Pam (below), Big John, Jackie, Mark S. and Polly.  Bill O. came by later and we all pitched in to plant 100 groupings of 25 tulips (Tulipa) each.  This will be a colorful display and we had just enough people to get through the planting and clean up. Polly and Mark S. (both RBG staff) made a huge difference.  Bill O. also had tidying duties and we appreciate his help with the bulbs as well.  Kay was out in the gardens and hauled back six huge loads of debris.  El and Dennis ran the compost sale with no problems.  Mission(s) accomplished on this nice Autumn day!

Mark S.
Big John


some of our handiwork above
Dennis (left) and El bonding today at the Bagged Compost Sale