Moist Monday

Today was more like April than February but we’ll take what we get as it is over 40 degrees F warmer than a week ago. That “polar vortex” was pretty brutal and we had a burst pipe at the main building unfortunately. The rain/drizzle today on top of rapidly melting ice has created a sloppy mess but that didn’t stop the grounds crew (Larry H., Big John, Cindy and Terry) from continuing to take down and process the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  Many of the images here show some of the inside piles, spools and crates involved in this monumental task which is very organized.  Bobby K. was in later to work on a project associated with the HLS.  We also had a great volunteer turnout today with Kathy P. helping process handouts for my presentations at the Wisconsin Public Television Garden & Landscape Expo this Friday through Sunday.  Check out their website for more event details including the spectacular workshops and presentations covering a wide range of topics.  The trade show is also quite impressive and well attended.  I’m presenting five times on four different topics (one repeat).  RBG is selling tickets in advance for this event from the Cottage Garden Gallery which is recommended so you can avoid the long lines!  Alan, Marv and Dr. Gredler painted today while Dave, Jim, Vern, Ron Y. and Steve finished up on our 2019 Garden Art Project – Dragonflies (see below).  These art projects are available starting tomorrow.   Dennis and Ken were out working on the North path this afternoon.  We also saw Del, Gary, Gene, Mark S., Bill O., Larry O. and many others on this wet but productive day.

the stack above is for repairs by our volunteer Ron P.

there are 30 of the dragonfly forms available for the 2019 Garden Art Project

above is Cindy’s work station for processing our milk jug luminary lights

something is always being repaired!  the cart above was successfully fixed by Bill O. and Dave K.

spools from Larry H. (above)

seed packets (above) are starting to arrive!