More of the Delightful Same


Today had weather consistent with what we have been receiving over the past couple of weeks with above average temperatures and ample sunshine.  Staff and volunteers all took advantage of the continued excellent weather and focused on gardening tasks and more Holiday Light Show (HLS) set-up.  We saw lots of visitors today and despite 99% of our annuals removed and 70% of our perennials cut back…there is still plenty of color.  Above is the fall color on ‘Elata’ black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa).

Big John, Bobby K., Cindy, Larry O. and Larry H. all focused on HLS-related tasks.  I would say about 80% of the show is set-up with about 60% of it all “wired up”.  We’re on track to finish in the coming week or two and again, are very thankful for the nice weather.  The grounds staff put up more lights, displays, processed lights, etc.  We’re a well-oiled machine in getting this show up and ready.


‘Ford’s Freeway’ variegated forsythia (Forsythia x intermedia) – woody shrub


 bright leaves of ‘Bloodgood’ Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) – woody tree


maroon fall color of ‘Magicien’ deutzia (Deutzia x hybrida) – woody shrub


fall color on ‘Crispa’ cutleaf stephanandra (Stephanandra incisa) – woody shrub


glowing leaf of ‘Princeton Gold’ Norway maple (Acer platanoides) – woody tree


Our volunteers worked on a wide range of projects today.  Kathy and Eva tidied up three areas with tasks ranging from collecting leaves to cutting back perennials.  Patty (above), along with Gena and Myrt (below) worked on collecting the heavy carpet of leaves from the woodland walk garden.  The ladies did a nice job.  John J. was in to put up some lights for the HLS and was helped by Larry H. in the afternoon.  Dr. Gredler was in to mow and mulch leaves while Bill O. helped Larry O. out.  Peg was in to work on our plant records and both Vicki and Steve focused on decorating many of our temporary evergreens with lights.  We also saw Pam G. (new education coordinator) and many of our education volunteers today.

img_6907 img_6908

Beaver Creek® fothergilla (Fothergilla gardenii ‘KLMtwo’) – woody shrub


‘Cinnabar Silver’ coral bells (Heuchera) – perennial


I enjoyed working along the pond today (above and below)

img_6916 img_6917

fall color on ‘Miss Honeybee’ magnolia (Magnolia sp.) – woody tree


fall color on ‘Sunflower’ paw paw (Asimina triloba) – woody tree


clear gold fall color on this ‘Chi Chi’ ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) – woody tree (see the lights on there?!)