Shamrock Friday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  As a Dwyer (originally an O’Dwyer over 100 years ago), I’ll be enjoying the holiday in many ways – potatoes and green beer included.  Whether you call them clover, wood sorrel or shamrocks, the plants in this blog are a tribute to the shamrock that many of us associate with Ireland (although I’m not sure it has the same value to the residents of Ireland!).  Most of these are annuals but all pack some nice punch with foliage and small, accenting flowers.  Above is Trifolium Limerick™ Isabella which I saw a couple years ago.  Hard to believe it’s almost spring (on the calendar) and while there is still a bit of snow on the ground, our Spring Symposium on Edible Landscaping should be a great event tomorrow.  We look forward to having the famous Rosalind Creasy at the gardens and her reputation as the maven of the edible landscape movement has long been established.  She’ll be presenting and signing her books.  The talented Lisa Hilgenberg will be on hand as well.  Lisa manages the 3.8 acre Fruit & Vegetable Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden (Glencoe, IL). I’ll be doing a presentation as well.  It should be a great day!

Today wasn’t busy out in the gardens proper but with the “day of drizzle”, we had a lot of painting action at the Horticulture Center with Barb B. and her granddaughter (Al), Alan, Dr. Gredler, Janet and Sandi.  Maury ran errands for us and we also saw Maryam, Bill O., Kathy P., Donna B., Tryphaena and Karen B.  I continue to finish spring ordering which should be finished by the end of the month I hope!

Trifolium Limerick™ Jessica (above)

Trifolium Limerick™ Estelle (above)

Oxalis combo above (Charmed® Velvet above Molten Lava™)

Oxalis hybrida Charmed® Wine (above)

Oxalis hybrida Charmed® Wine (above and below)

Oxalis hybrida Charmed® Velvet (above) with Oxalis vulcanicola Molten Lava™ in background

Oxalis hybrida Charmed® Velvet (above and below)

Oxalis vulcanicola Molten Lava™ (above)

Oxalis vulcanicola Molten Lava™ (above)

Oxalis vulcanicola Molten Lava™ (above)

Oxalis vulcanicola Molten Lava™ (above rimming this copper cheese vat planter)

Oxalis articulata f. crassipes (above)

Oxalis articulata ‘Burgundy Gold’ (above)

Oxalis mix (above)

Oxalis vulcanicola Zinfandel™ (above and below)