“Shamrocky” Plants

With St. Patrick’s Day looming, I thought some “ornamental shamrocks” would be in order.  The first three ornamental clovers (Trifolium hybrida) have some excellent leaf detail and will thrive in the border or container in both sun and part sun.  Above and below are Trifolium ‘Limerick Isabella’ which is quite showy with two other selections further down.  I’ve also included some of my favorite Oxalis selections further down which we continue to use for foliage color in the full sun and part shade garden.  None of the fancy shamrocks I’m showing here are hardy for us so would be used as annuals or brought in as “low light” houseplants and incorporated in to the garden the next season.

It was a darn windy day with gusts up to 40 mph.  The morning started rainy but it cleared up fairly nicely.  Larry H. and Big John had some indoor projects to start the day and transitioned outside as the weather cleared.  Janice was in to work on Spring Plant Sale vegetable lists and some other projects associated with our Spring Symposium this weekend.  Today is the last day you can register for the Plantaholics Retreat so check out our website at rotarygardens.wpengine.com and give us a call ASAP!  Nancy, Patty, Myrt and Gena all came in for some major painting projects.  We also saw many others including Dr. Yahr and Bill.

Trifolium hybrida ‘Limerick Jessica’ (above and below)


Trifolium hybrida ‘Limerick Estelle’ (above)
 Charmed Wine ornamental shamrock (Oxalis hybrida ‘JROXBURWI’) – above and two below



 Charmed Velvet ornamental shamrock (Oxalis hybrida ‘JROXACHVEL’) – above and below


 Molten Lava ornamental shamrock (Oxalis vulcanicola) – above and four below




 ‘Burgundy Gold’ ornamental shamrock (Oxalis articulata)
 Zinfandel ornamental shamrock (Oxalis vulcanicola)