Splurge On This Spurge!

My blogging has been a bit piecemeal over the last couple of months due to major involvement in helping set up and facilitate our Holiday Light Show (HLS) which has been running smoothly (with 12 nights to go!).  We’ve had a great year at the gardens and are formulating plans to celebrate our 30th Anniversary in 2019.  I’m already sifting through seed catalogs and getting our orders gathered.  The importance of our volunteers can’t be overstated as we continue to rely on such a fantastic group of folks and hope to bring in new volunteers next year as well.

I’ll likely be posting little plant “featurettes” in my winter blogs and thought this variegated spurge (Euphorbia x martinii ‘Ascot Rainbow’) would be a nice start.  I’ve been sorting my past photos (finally getting in to my 2017 shots!) and found some nice images of this tender perennial.  Please note that the hardiness is touchy for this plant in our climate with a tough winter (and/or poor drainage) wiping it out to be sure.  However, it’s use as a seasonal planting shouldn’t be ignored.  The variegated foliage is quite striking with hints of pink and light orange on the newest growth.  Variegated flowers (bracts) offer interest in spring although I can’t say I’ve observed the blooms.  The sharp variegation and nice rounded form to 24″ in height makes this a showy plant well in to fall.  Requiring sharp drainage and ideally full sun (part sun acceptable), this spurge is not shy in regards to “curb appeal”!