Sporadic Winter Blogging


I thought this photo above displayed an interesting convoy today with Kathy P. driving and Bobby K. holding on to a hand cart.  Safety is always top on our priorities!  We had a beautiful day today after a rainy one yesterday that delivered over 1.5″.  We could use the rain but it made fine tuning our Holiday Light Show (HLS) a bit challenging.  We continued to work on it today and have most of the difficulties taken care of with corrections being made during our testing.  Larry H., Bobby K., Cindy and I all had HLS duties.  Larry H. and Bobby K. hung out most of the day troubleshooting.  Cindy did some tidying and shifted to HLS work with luminaries.  Kathy P. did garden clean-up and Alan M. had some projects as well. Urban M. was in for some pruning on crabapples (Malus sp.).  Vicki and Steve were in to check bulbs and troubleshoot out in the HLS as well.  Dr. Gredler was in for painting and we also saw Lynn Y., Dr. Yahr, Larry O., Art and many others.

My blog title refers to the fact that my daily blog will have to become less frequent as I focus on preparations for 2017.  I already have about 30 catalogs to peruse for seeds and plants and will be focusing on lots of time sensitive tasks.  I’ll still post a blog occassionally in December and January and will resume in February with a more consistent blog.


‘Berry Timeless’ coral bells (Heuchera) – perennial


‘Britzensis’ scarlet willow (Salix alba subsp. vitellina) – woody shrub


Vicki and Steve working on repairs…


one of our smaller power boxes (above)


late season look of ‘Strictus’ porcupine grass (Miscanthus sinensis) – perennial



fall color on variegated wayfaringtree viburnum (Viburnum lantana ‘Variegata’) – woody shrub


Larry H. (left) and Bobby K. bonding above