Storms On The Way

Today started with the strong promise of rain which is reinforced on the doppler radar!  We had some drizzle this morning but the bulk of the rain should arrive later this afternoon and evening.  Tomorrow might be soggy as well.  We’ll see what happens.  The gardens continue to look lush as seen in the photo above of the formal annual sections and the two photos below.  We had a solid morning of gardening with some excellent volunteer help as well.  With the Fall Plant Sale looming soon, we’ll be spending more time on preparing for that important fundraising event.  Actually, the pre-sale for RBG Members starts two weeks from today (9 am – 4 pm) with a 10% discount and “pick of the litter”!  Folks can come down and become members that day and start shopping. The discount extends throughout the duration of the sale and the other benefits of membership are worthy of consideration as well.


 Hal and Doris’ garden area (above) is looking sharp!

The Story Walk 2015 (above and  two photos below) has been very successful this year.  Called the Alphabet Jungle Garden, this sequential experience features (and interprets) the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault.  This is the third year we’ve had a “jungle garden” experience that has become so popular with all of our visitors.  The doors and windows will come down after this year and we have an interesting concept for next  year (top secret of course!).



 variegated giant reed (Arundo donax ‘Versicolor’) with Easy Wave ‘Red Velour’ petunias (Petunia)

I was remiss again with photography of our volunteers but we had a decent showing today.  Above is Resa on her way out to the North point garden which is looking spectacular.  She (along with Cookie) has done a great job out there.  Kathy P. was in for entrance garden primping which includes lots of deadheading of spent blooms and removal of any unsightly annuals.  We are having to remove a few annuals here and there but the color is still quite excellent.  Kay came in to weed and tidy around the formal annual garden sections and Jan R. primped and tidied in the Scottish garden.  Bill O. and Dr. Gredler did their mowing rounds and Pat M. came in for some pre Holiday Lights Show duties (it’s never too early to start!).  Marv was in to tidy up his moss areas and we also saw Karen M., Dr. Yahr, Robert K. and many others today.  Jumbo Jim brought in four RECAPPERS and the guys did a great job out in the gardens with clean-up and preparing a new garden area.  This baby bird below was quite stubborn and wouldn’t move off of the main path. Mother was nearby though and probably resolved the situation.  This is the look I get from my wife too by the way…

We had a small but efficient grounds staff today.  Cindy worked on primping multiple areas and has an excellent eye for detail.  She also did some watering along with Janice. Janice also did the cutting display, tidied the front entrance garden and had some clerical projects as well.  Bob K. ran some irrigation, checked water features, continued his gravel project and did a nice job creating more space out in the yard for the mums that will be arriving for the Fall Plant Sale next week!  I was able to tour the gardens but find myself at my desk with a pile of “to do list” items related to the upcoming sale and Holiday Lights Show.  Another excellent day though!  All these blog photos were from today.

 big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii) – perennial
 ‘Benary Giant Scarlet’ zinnia (Zinnia elegans) – annual
 ‘Stripe it Rich’ Hakone grass (Hakenechloa macra) – perennial
 white baneberry (Actaea pachypoda) – perennial
 ‘Raiche Form’ wood aster (Aster divaricatus) – perennial
 ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’ caladiums (Caladium) – tropical
 ‘Lemon Queen’ perennial sunflower (Helianthus hybrida) – perennial
 ‘Chocolate Drop’ stonecrop (Sedum hybrida) – perennial
 ‘Scarlet’ kale (Brassica oleracea) – annual
‘Serenade Mix’ Chinese aster (Callistephus chinensis) – annual