Successful Work Day!

Our last work day went excellent today and the weather was perfect.  We planted bulbs in three locations which included lots of tulips, alliums, anemones and irises.  We also removed annuals from a good sized bed as well.  Above are Flannery and Dylan who were part of our crew today which also included Cathy, Gena, Sue, Barb, Alan, Garrett, Josef, Debbie, Brian, Mr. Hauri, his daughter and someone else I didn’t get a name for in time.  Marleen, Marcia and Mirjam were tidying up their areas in other locations and we had some nice help from Big John, Bill O. and Larry H.  Dave K. was on hand to help work on the equipment and we also saw Maury and some others.  It was a super day.

Alan M. (above) and some of his work below…

Cathy (above)

Garrett (left), Flannery and Dylan