The Fourth of Five

The photo above is from the reception garden which was the nexus for our Volunteer Planting Work Day this morning.  That archway is from the original Parker Pen Building in Janesville, WI and is on permanent loan from the Rock County Historical Society.  Beyond that arch is the sunken garden.  We had a nice turnout of volunteers this morning, including some Daisies (pre Girl Scouts), for planting in the reception garden and a small area nearby.  Larry O., Big John and Janice were on hand to help and we had volunteer planting/weeding help from Alan, Heather, Barb, Kim, Gena, Donna, Maggie, Hannah and Bobby. The four Daisies came with parents or grandparents and helped plant for about an hour.  We also had a great crew of volunteers weeding and planting in the alpine garden. These folks, including Iza, Tom and Damon, did a wonderful job and are all members of the WI-IL Chapter of North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS).  We also saw Bill, Sandi, Maury, Bill, Dr. Gredler, Steve, Sue and many others.  The rose seen above (English Cottage garden) is ‘William Baffin’.

Janice only charged these Daisies $1 each for the ride

thanks WI-IL NARGS members for volunteering today!

goatsbeard (Aruncus dioicus) – perennial