The Marvelous Moon Carrot

The moon carrot (Seseli gummiferum) is pretty cool!  I first ran across this biennial (two years from seed to bloom) about 10 years ago and we’ve grown it RBG many times.  It has always thrived in a full sun location and we’ve purchased established plants that will bloom the same year as being planted.  The lacy, silvery blue foliage is exceptional and the flower clusters emerge pink and mature to a nice white umbel over the course of many weeks in mid summer.  This plant is an actual member of the carrot family (Apiaceae) and sends down a decent root system.  See further below for the nice pink coloration on the earlier flowers.  This plant, hardy to zone 5, is native to the Mediterranean and doesn’t mind tough soils and heat.  It doesn’t care for overly damp soils or “winter wetness” but seems pretty tough and quite drought tolerant.  Reaching heights of 24-36″, this plant would look exquisite in the “moonlit garden” and the cut flowers are long lasting as well.  While not easy to find, this plant is worth the quest!
Today was overcast with a very fine mist drifting down in advance of some heavier ran showers this afternoon.  The temperature is still not too bad although we’ll see a return to “real March” weather later this week with some light snow.   Big John and Larry H. had plenty of work out in the gardens today which included turf repair, tidying, pruning and hauling back more obelisks for painting.  Kathy P. was out in the Japanese garden tidying up the paths.  We’re trying to get the gardens all tidied up before the Plantaholics Retreat (Spring Symposium) this Saturday.  Today is the last day to register so consider checking out our website at for more information on this popular event including instructions on how to register.  Dick H. continues to run to the dump which is open 15 days early due to the warm weather.  Bill O. worked on myriad indoor tasks as well.  We also saw Bev D., Deanna and many others today.  I am finishing orders for the big Spring Plant Sale (Mother’s Day weekend!) and had a focus on herbs today.  Enjoy the moon carrot images below…




 moon carrot (Seseli gummiferum) just starting to bloom (above and below)