Volunteer Work Day – A Success!


Our last Volunteer Work Day of 2016 was very successful.  Our focus was bulb planting which went so well that we had time to shift to some leaf and debris clean-up after break.  We’re never quite sure how may volunteers we’ll have but they kept pouring in this morning and we had a great crew to plant bulbs in five locations.  I believe we installed over 12,000 bulbs today!  Aside from our staff of Larry O., Big John, Janice, Maryam, Polly, Mark S. and Gary (all of whom helped today), we had Dawn, Cole, Hal, Doris, Alan, Shirley, Alicia, Barb, Arnie, Greg S., Jody M., Big Jim with four RECAPPERS, Gena, Joe, Mike, Brian, Julie, Jacob, Marv, Elaine and Donna!  That’s 33 staff and volunteers on site this morning for some excellent progress on a beautiful fall day.  All of these photos were taken today.

img_6279 img_6280 img_6281 img_6282 img_6283 img_6284 img_6285 img_6286 img_6287 img_6288 img_6289 img_6290 img_6293 img_6294 img_6296 img_6298