Weeding and Planting Push



Today was excellent weather and the progress was monumental.  We had an excellent turnout of volunteers and were able to plant in five areas and do some serious weeding in four areas.  Above is the ‘Sea Foam’ rose (Rosa) thriving in the reception garden where we did some of this weeding and planting today.  With yesterday at 75 degrees F and today at 78 degrees F, it was perfect gardening weather and our visitor count was significant based on all the activity we saw out in the gardens.


Our grounds staff had a busy day which continues to include watering.  While we have a slight chance of rain (40%) tomorrow night, we certainly aren’t going to roll the dice on hoping it arrives.  We continue to run irrigation, set up sprinklers and hand water as needed.  Larry H. jumped right back in to weeding our entrance garden and finished it along with some excellent volunteer help.  He shifted to removing bulb foliage, watering and re-mulching an area.  Trevor worked on watering, touching up the Giant Aquarium and some hard core gravel replacement along the main path to the gazebo.  Nolan also had some watering duties but did significant weeding near the pergola, air edging along the pink border and some other tasks.  Janice did more work in the Heirloom Garden and moved on to placing more signs, watering and working with our Chestnut House volunteers.  John and Terry ran irrigation, set up sprinklers, sheared, watered and bounced between some different activities.  Bobby K. came in to work on some projects as well.  I was outside most of the day hauling plants and keeping ahead of our volunteers.  I was also able to apply herbicide in some of our weediest of areas.  All in all, a very good day.


‘Ostrich Plume’ false spirea (Astilbe thunbergii) – perennial


ColorBlaze® Lime Time™ coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) with visitor – annual


‘Mighty Pip’ false spirea (Astilbe chinensis) – perennial (almost 40″ tall!)


variegated horseradish (Armoracia rusticana ‘Variegata”) – perennial


‘Boule de Neige’ double pearlwort (Achillea ptarmica) – perennial


Our volunteers had a very productive day out in the gardens.  This might have been a record Wednesday for grounds volunteers!  We saw Betty (above), Kay, Eva, Kathy, Vicky, Steve, Janet, Brian, Sutton, Mary D., Marcia N., Alan M., Jim H., four RECAPPERS, Bev D., Gena, Myrt, Nancy, Mary, Patty, Mary W., Roy W., Don, Pearl, Maury, Dr. Gredler, Larry O. and the Chestnut House volunteers.  Peg, Patrea and Pat C. were all involved with various labeling projects and Gary S. was on hand as well. The  gardening activities centered primarily around weeding and planting although plenty of other tasks were being accomplished.  All of our volunteers are so instrumental in making this such a special place!


Kay (above) – nice smile!


Vicky and Steve


Trevor (staff) watering


Don & Pearl working in their assigned garden (a handsome couple!)


Myrt (left) and Nancy


from left to right…Myrt, Mary, Gena, Patty and Nancy


Kathy P. (above)


Eva (above)


Chestnut House volunteers with Janice (right)


Janet M. (above)


meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) – perennial


drumstick allium (Allium sphaerocephalon) – perennial (reseeds!)


Molten Lava™ ornamental shamrock (Oxalis vulcanicola) – annual


the common dusty miller (Senecio cineraria) is never ubiquitous!