Based In Boston

Well, I’m in Boston.  I’ll be presenting on “New Annuals & Perennials for the New England Landscape” tomorrow at the New England Grows event which is the largest of its kind in this area with 12,000+ attendees.  My talk tomorrow will likely have 500-700 attendees.  The image above is of an awesome ice sculpture I saw out in the trade show area.  I’m impressed with how well organized this event is considering the scope of something this large.

After a bumpy ride from O’Hare to Logan Airport, I got settled at the hotel and went through the trade show area (third photo down) which featured nurseries, equipment vendors, etc.  It’s certainly one of the larger trade shows I’ve gone through for sure!  It was rainy all day here as I think the rain followed the plane this way.  I didn’t get much time to explore town but am hoping to visit the Arnold Aboretum (Harvard University) tomorrow afternoon with camera in hand.  The last time I was in Boston was as a high school student and we were here as part of a Model United Nations conference (I represented Bahrain).  I’m excited about sharing RBG with the attendees in my presentation and have already networked with some folks here and used the word “donation” a lot!  More fun tomorrow!

 this LCD screen was 10′ tall and 80′ long easily
 these badge stickers are a great idea!





Vermillionaire cigar flower (Cuphea hybrida) was one of many plants I enjoyed seeing out on the showroom floor (annual!)