Photographs are a wonderful way to remember your visit to Rotary Botanical Gardens. We encourage visitors to take casual photographs for their own personal use, and share with us on our social media pages!

While the Photography Guidelines outlined in the policy are intended for all guests, a permit is necessary only for those who wish to use the Gardens as the background for posed photography.

Posed Photography includes but is not limited to wedding, family, engagement, graduation, senior photos, quinceanera and the like (see *Photography and Videography Policy).

Please note, the photographer does not need to be a professional. It is the responsibility of the photographer or videographer to complete the permit form. This form may be completed upon arrival, or found here, completed and brought with you the day of your photo session. If you are unsure of whether or not a photographer’s fee applies to you, please consider:

  1. Did you bring people to Rotary Botanical Gardens to be photographed?
  2. Are you here for the purpose of taking photographs of the people in your group?
  3. Are you using Rotary Botanical Gardens as the backdrop for your photographs of people?
  4. Are you or the people to be photographed, wearing special attire or coordinated attire for photographs?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then a photographer’s permit applies to you and your guests. If you have a question regarding the nature of your visit, please contact our Sales & Events Manager by phone at 608.314.8408 or email.

Already Booked Your Event at Rotary Botanical Gardens?

Wedding ceremonies, receptions or other special occasions that have rented space at the Gardens are welcome to take their photographs during their rental time at no additional fee. As always, the Photography Guidelines apply.

Homecoming/Prom Photos at Rotary Botanical Gardens
  • Discounted admission: $5 per person – applicable to parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.
  • Waived photo fee: $25 photo fee is waived for Homecoming and Prom groups taking photos on Homecoming/Prom night.

Please check the Hours & Location page prior to your arrival. Questions regarding Homecoming and Prom photos may be directed to Sales & Events Manager at 608.314.8408 or email at [email protected].