CAST – Day 3

Day three of my excursion to the California Spring Trials (CAST) was jam packed full of fun stops and lots of plants like the Evening Scentsation™ petunia (Petunia) seen above at Takii America, Inc.  This is one we’ve grown and enjoyed for vigor, color and scent!  It’s also an All-America Selections (AAS) winner!  Our group of Diane, Gail, Steve, Mark, Jeff and I enjoyed great weather and the hospitality of folks at each location meeting with us and giving us a tour.  The photo at the very top is an experimental kale (Brassica oleracea) used for cutting (seen at Takii America) and was amazing to see for it’s size and color.  There was no shortage of fun things to photograph and observe.  Fading as I type so more tomorrow after CAST – Day 4 is complete!

Diane Blazek (AAS/NGB) and Tim Hodson (Editorial director at GPN, Lawn & Garden Retailer and Big Grower magazines)

‘Pink Panther’ foxglove (Digitalis x hybrida) – perennial

awesome kale basket!

insert your own caption here…

wheelbarrow of kale at Takii America (above)

Don’t ask…long story…but funny

Gail (left) from AAS/NGB and her daughter Allison (Takii America)

Petunia hybrida SuperCal® Premium Caramel Yellow (xPetchoa) – above

Petunia hybrida SuperCal® Premium French Vanilla (xPetchoa) – above

Brassica ‘Miz America’ (mustard) – above

our crew with Bob Croft (foreground) from SAKATA this morning

Gerbera ‘Majorette Bright White w Dark Eye’ (above)

always love the floating flowers!

Viking™ Series (awesome!) above

Impatiens hawkeri SunPatiens® XL Tropical White (above)

Impatiens hawkeri SunPatiens® Compact Royal Magenta (‘SAKIMP029’) – above

cool planter of pansies!

Brassica ‘Nagoya White’ (kale) – above

one of MANY cool arrangements I saw today

Coleus PartyTime™ ‘Reggae Salmon’ (above)

Coleus PartyTime™ ‘Red Bolero’ (above)

Begonia Viking™ XL Red on Chocolate (above)

mix of poppy anemones (Anemone coronaria) at SAKATA – above

‘Fire Fresh’ Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris) – above

Dahlia MEDIO FUN ‘Orange Flame’ (above)

Pericallis SENETTI® ‘Magenta Bicolor’ (above)

Begonia DREAMS BK Collection ‘Chloe Coral Pink’ (above)

Dahlia MAGGIORE ‘Fire’ (above)

Camouflage™ Variegated Japanese Aralia (Fatsia japonica ‘Variegata’)

‘Ghostly Princess’ French lavender (Lavandula pedunculata) – above

Dianthus hybrida DIANA ‘Loving White’ (above)

Barry Ruta (far left) with our crew seeing Hem Genetics plants

Verbena rigida ‘Dazzling Nights’ (above)

Coleus ‘Pineapplette’ (above)