Dixter Diary – Day 21

At least the Plant Fair weekend had excellent weather!  Today was overcast with intermittent drizzle and rain.  I ended up pretty soaked but we had a productive day.  My morning tour was a bit shorter due to the weather but the color still looks great for October like the tree dahlia (Dahlia imperialis) seen above!  I’m seeing this plant at 7-8′ tall here and wonder what it would do for us in Wisconsin?  We spent quite a bit of time taking down various elements out in the Plant Fair area then moved on to working on clearing meadows.  It was a physical day which was good and the majority of the grounds staff and volunteers cleaned up the area down near the Farm including the Education Building.  Fergus directed staff and ended up very involved with the activities. He’s certainly not shy about rolling up his sleeves!

 Sunk Garden this morning
 later blooming red hot poker (Kniphofia sp.)
 beautiful dahlia with morning rain
 sad to see the Plant Fair area look like a ghost town but it was a very successful event this weekend!
 Fergus loads tables and chairs with Graham driving the tractor and Matoko, Yuko, Hayden and Lewis (left to right) all helping out
 the meadow work went well with a group approach and Susan (below) stacking the pile as it was tossed up to her (and at her…)


 Fergus (above) jumped right in to helping mow the meadows this afternoon
 adjacent sheep field near Great Dixter
coral bell (Heuchera) trials near the Farm buildings (there are plants everywhere around here!)
 Barn Garden borders this morning
 Not sure about the story of these Sophora secundiflora (Texas mountain laurel) seeds but thought they looked neat today
 for three weeks I’ve worked around these Rodger’s flowers (Rodgersia pinnata) in the Blue Garden and just noted the hints of pink coming through the leaves…checking underneath revealed a carpet of Colchicum!  Neat.