Green Bay By Way of Racine

I had an enjoyable day that involved quite a bit of driving but also some nice opportunities for strolling.  I left work early to head to Racine for a presentation to the Potpourri Garden Club.  I believe I’ve done 3-4 presentations in the past for this group and enjoyed catching up with club members.  I then headed up to Green Bay as I have a presentation tomorrow for Brown County UW-Extension.  I stopped by the Green Bay Botanical Garden (GBBG) and enjoyed seeing the earliest of color.  It was a nice visit.  I’m sure all was well at the gardens with Terry, Cindy, Big John and Janice in charge.  See below for some photos from today at the GBBG.


 look at the artsy framed reflection of another structure in the window…
 early irises (Iris sp.) both above and below


 “bulb lawn” featuring snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis)


early Lenten roses (Helleborus niger)


 The Arendt Conifer Collection



winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis)
‘Golden Tuffet’ arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis)
row of weeping Norway spruces (Picea abies ‘Pendula’)