Hummingbird Mint – Awesome Agastache

I’ve long admired the hummingbird mints (Agastache sp.) for their colorful and long lasting blooms throughout the summer.  Directly above and below is the variety Kudos™ ‘Coral’ (z5) and further below is a wide array of these fun plants ideally suited for the drier, full sun garden.  I haven’t included many of the blue selections in this blog although they have similar merit in the garden and are worthy of consideration.  This genus has about 30 species which are members of the mint family (not tasty for deer!).  The fragrant foliage is an attribute as is the appeal of the colorful flowers for all manner of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  Full sun is preferred although these selections will take part shade but not bloom as well as their full sun counterparts.  Dry to average, well-drained soils are fine for these plants although heavy soils and/or overwatering can be the “kiss of death” for these VERY tender (for us!) perennials.  Be wary of fertilizing these plants too aggressively as they may respond with more foliage growth or expanded and floppy heights at the expense of the blooms.  Note the zone hardiness included on many of these with many really being considered annuals in our climate.  There are no serious insect or disease problems for healthy plants although crown/root rot may develop in poorly drained soils. Watch out for rust, powdery mildew and leaf spots when summers are cool and damp or when air circulation is compromised.

We plant the majority of these colorful selections as annuals for their colorful flower spikes just loaded with tubular blooms.  Some of the blue flowering forms have perennialized better in the garden but the varieties shown here are again, invaluable in the pollinator-friendly garden.  Their “parentage’ is quite variable as is their mature height.  Some selections are sterile and some may spread moderately by seed.  Do a bit of research on these plants prior to purchase and installation but know the rewards will be there in a wide range of fun colors!  We will have many excellent Agastache selections in our pollinator-themed Children’s Garden this year!

Kudos™ ‘Coral’ (z5) – above

‘Summer Sunset’ (z6) – above

Kudos™ ‘Ambrosia’ (z5) – above

Kudos™ ‘Gold’ (z5) – above

Kudos™ ‘Silver Blue’ (z5) – above

‘Peachie Keen’ (z6) – above and three below

‘Rosie Posie’ (z6) – above and three below

‘Coronado’ (z6) – above

‘Peach Margarita’ (z6) – above and below

‘Apricot Sprite’ (z6) – above

‘Bolero’ (z5) – above

‘Heather Queen’ (z5) – above

‘Raspberry Summer’ (z6) – above

‘Tango’ (z6) – above

Acapulco Salmon Pink (z5) – above

Acapulco Bicolor Salmon Rose (z5) – above


‘Purple Pygmy’ (z5a) – above

‘Tutti Frutti’ (z6) – above at RBG and two below

‘Purple Haze’ (z6) – above

‘Desert Sunrise’ (z5a) – above

‘Arizona Sandstone’ (z5) – above

‘Arizona Sun’ (z5) – above

‘Arizona Sunset’ (z5) – above

‘Summer Glow’ (z6) – above