It’s Almost Halloween?

Nice shot above of the fall color on ‘Edelweiss WB’ American larch (Larix laricina) originally found and propagated by our own volunteer, Josef B.!  This compact, deciduous conifer shows off great autumn coloration and superior texture!  There was lots of great “autumn coloration” throughout the gardens on this beautiful, sunny day.  Our entire grounds crew of Cindy B., Bobby K., Larry H., Big John, Terry, Janice and Alex all had a wide range of duties today.  Everyone had some tasks associated with the Holiday Light Show (HLS) set-up but we dabbled with some gardening as well.  I continued with running extension cords and was part of an expedition to cut and haul two large evergreens (donated from Stan and Kristin…thanks!) for the HLS as well (see further below).  Mondays are always excellent volunteer days and our crew today consisted of Kathy P., Eva, Bonnie, Tim, Steve E., Steve J., Bob K., Dr. Gredler, Rollie, Maury, Dick P., Dave, Jim, Vern, Ron Y., Sandi, Terri, Kay, John J., Steve L. and many more!  It was a very productive day as we juggle putting the garden to bed for the season with our myriad HLS duties.

variegated Japanese silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Variegatus’) – perennial

‘Ozawa’ Japanese ornamental onions (Allium thunbergii) are still looking great in the alpine garden – perennial

John J. (above) was later joined by Steve L. as they started putting up icicle lights (with a bow and arrow…photos to follow soon)

Rollie (left) and Dr. Gredler showing off their mowers to each other

start of fall color on Nikko maple (Acer maximowiczianum) – woody tree

fall color of Korean maple (Acer pseudosieboldianum) – woody tree

Our mini road trip (Dick H., Bobby K., Alex and I) involved picking up two big evergreens for installation as part of the Holiday Light Show (HLS) (see photos below) – thanks to Stan and Kristin!

action photos (above and two below) courtesy of Cindy B. (thanks Cindy!)

fall color of the three-flowered maple (Acer triflorum) is looking great today! – woody tree