Olbrich in Autumn


Last night I did a presentation at Olbrich Botanical Gardens (OBG) in Madison, Wisconsin.  I always get up there early so I can enjoy the garden and wanted to share some photos on the blog.  OBG is a superb garden and they do an excellent job of highlighting the seasons with transitional displays, plant selection, container arrangements, etc.  I caught some wonderful images as the sun was setting and noted some interesting lighting displays that are part of their GLEAM installation.  From the OBG website…”GLEAM, Art in a New Light, returns to Olbrich with an exciting new series of illuminated art installations bringing mystery and delight to the outdoor gardens in the evening. Collaborations between artists and lighting designers create objects and effects that feature light as a dynamic physical presence. An evening wander is sure to inspire all ages as each installation engages the senses and sparks wonder!”  It looks pretty cool!

We had some light showers this morning but our volunteers made a morning of it outside as did our grounds staff.  It looks like more rain later today and in the evening but we were thankful for the time to address mowing and clean-up prior to a busy weekend!  Needless to say,  myriad tasks were accomplished by our staff of Big John, Cindy, Larry O. and Bobby K.  Our volunteers included Kathy, Eva, Suzie, Marilyn, Dick H., Dr. Gredler, Jim, Dave, Vern, Ron Y., Gene, Dave, Jenny E., Steve, Firefighter Kathy, Bob K., Alan M., Maury, Gary, Maryam and many others. Jim came in with three RECAPPERS and they tidied up the Japanese garden.  Randy M. stopped by to repair some of our Holiday Light Show (HLS) displays which he originally built!

Enjoy these photos of Olbrich Botanical Gardens!


fall containers at OBG are always nice!


Carefree Sunshine™ shrub rose (Rosa ‘Radsun’) still blooming nicely! – woody shrub

img_5473 img_5474 img_5478

monkshood (Aconitum sp.) – perennial

img_5479 img_5483

‘Lady in Black’ calico aster (Symphyotrichum lateriflorus) – perennial

img_5484 img_5490

castor beans (Ricinus communis) – maybe the variety ‘New Zealand Purple’? – annual


prairie dropseed (Sporobolus heterolepis) in the foreground catching some setting sun – perennial

img_5501 img_5524 img_5527

angel’s trumpet (Brugmansia sp.) that I walked under – heavenly fragrance!

img_5533 img_5548 img_5561 img_5563