One Tough Crew!

In a nutshell, we had a very productive Volunteer Work Day despite the persistent drizzle, occasional downpours and temperature fluctuations between 75 degrees F and 55 degrees F!  It was a whirlwind and I was so impressed that our crew continued to plant through the rain.  We planted the front of the Parker Education Center and most of the two front beds along Palmer Drive.  In our 4 hour planting window, there as only about an hour that didn’t involve any precipitation (see included photos for the action!).
Special thanks to Gary (above), Hal and Doris (below), Gena, Mary D., Peg, Andrea, John, Zack, Tyler, Brandy, Topanga and Margaret.  This crew was all soaked by the end of the morning but the progress was impressive.  Big John, Larry and Bill all helped out and had other duties as well.  Shirley B. and Dennis ran the compost sale (with set-up help from Janice) and we also saw Dr. Yahr (helped plant), Vern and some others.  All in all, a very successful morning and the rain is still pounding down as I finish this blog.