The Sale Continues…

Today was a strong day for the plant sale with a very busy start to the day.  It was overcast and cool all day but perfect for encouraging attendance at the sale.  The image directly below shows some of the early traffic we enjoyed seeing today.  Above is Jaden, a young man that offered to help water and he became an instant volunteer.  We also had over 30 other volunteers helping with the sale and they were wonderful.  Bill O. and Larry took care of garden duties as this weekend will be busy out in the gardens.  We also saw Dr. Gredler, Dr. Yahr, Maury and many other volunteers stopping by throughout the day.  The weather looks dicey tomorrow but we should still see some nice traffic.  I didn’t get in the gardens at all today so am sharing some photos further below from last night that I took at Longenecker Gardens at the UW-Arboretum up in Madison, WI.




 Gary and Joanne
 Lots of plants left – including these hot peppers!
 Rollie (above) and Virginia both did well selling memberships today too!
The lilacs (Syringa) and crabapples (Malus) were at peak at Longenecker Gardens last night
 Golden Shadows pagoda dogwood (Cornus alternifolia ‘W. Stackman’)
 flowers of paw paw (Asimina triloba)
 ‘Arnold Pink’ silverbell (Halesia tetraptera)
 hybrid horsechestnut (Aesculus pavia x flava)
 ‘Pink Satin’ crabapple (Malus sp.)
 ‘Christmas Holly’ crabapple (Malus sp.)
‘Marie Frances’ lilac (Syringa vulgaris) opening up