35 = 12,000

With staff help from Big John and Janice, we had an exceptional day of planting on a cool and productive morning.  Thanks to Hal, Doris, Alan, Elaine, Donna, Nicole, Kim, Jim, Carol, Mary, Gena, Dennis, Patti, Brian, Marleen, Kath, Connie, Maggie and her daughter, Kathy, Caryn, Mike, Tina, Dylan, Flannery, Tani, Barb, Leslie, Maureen, Sue, Jeff and likely some names I’m forgetting!  We had roughly 35 volunteers and staff planting today which accounted for about 12,000 more annuals being installed in four hours (including our brief but welcome donut break!).  Barb B., Jim, Carol and Marv B. took care of our watering needs while Bill O. prepped three garden areas for weddings.  We saw some other volunteers including Jenny E. later in the morning. Two more Saturday planting mornings coming up and the next two Wednesday evenings (6 pm – 8pm) will also include some planting action.