London – Day 2

While I only had one destination today, I think I walked about the same amount I did yesterday with my Friday jaunt throughout London.  Today I took “the tube” (underground rail system) out to the Royal Botanic Gardens – Kew and spent the entire day exploring 300 acres with plant collections, museums, educational displays, etc.  This is a very well known garden worldwide that is strong in research, plant preservation and also houses the Millennium Seed Bank.  There are also some very old and large tree specimens there!  The weather was cool and overcast but perfect for photography.  I went in right at opening (10 am) and made sure I made it through the entire gardens.  It was amazing and I found the grounds very well kept up and the labeling was excellent as well.  I probably could spend a second day there as well.  Oddly enough, I ran in to Jonny, one of the Great Dixter gardeners there today too!   It was nice to see so many children and families enjoying the garden too as I think this is certainly a main attraction in the London area.

 the Palm House
the Waterlily House
 beds arranged by plant family (I took lots of photos here!)
 the walls, arches and other details were cool too
 border planting (lots of dahlias)
 the Grass Garden (very cool!)
this conservatory re-creates 10 different climatic zones (three photos below too)


 hot pepper plants displayed by “range of heat” (really neat!)
plenty of color still on October (above)
Climbing up to this Treetop Walkway (only 59 feet up) was a mistake as I don’t like heights and this thing sways too…you can see through the grating underfoot to your potential death below…big mistake…
 Davies Alpine House (above) showing things like below…


 had to snap this shot…four conspicuous generations enjoying the gardens today (by the way, this 80 year old couple passed me quickly as well as quickly overtaking the young couple to the right!)
Great Day!  Thank Kew!  (get it?)